Sioux is a brand new interpretation of nubuk leather with an extreme rustically effect. It is finished with the best tanning and fatting agents. Sioux is re-tanned compactly and has an elegant grain. In case of the special refinement every hide occurs to a unique specimen. Sioux is particularly suitable for a single-piece at your home to set a high-light.

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Sioux Elefant
Sioux Kastanie

The colours depicted on your screen may differ from the real colours.

Article information

Use: Upholstery, leather goods
Colours: 2 colours from stock
Thickness: 1,4/1,6 mm
Minimum order quantity for production in accordance to customers’ colours: from 300 sq.meter
Delivery: Ex stock Bodenwerder
Minimum order quantity: 1/2 hide
Square footage: approx. 5 sq.m
Raw material: Central European bull hides
Tanning: combined mineral and synthetic tanning

Technical data

Test methodNominal valueReal value
Colour fastness to rubbing Veslic (grey scale level 1-5)
50 tours dry> 3
20 tours wet> 3
20 tours perspiration pH 9> 3
Colour fastness to lightDIN 9427> 3
Tear strength (N/mm)DIN EN ISO 3377-1>20N
Breaking strainDIN 337650-70 %
Stitch tear strengthDIN 53331>40N
Tensile strengthDIN 3376>1200N
Fire protection standardDIN EN 1021 part 1+2ok

Date: 10/01/2013

We point out that this specification sheet does not substitute the customers’ quality control and obligation to inspect the delivered goods. These values are not a warranty in legal sense.

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