Old Times

Old Times is a high-grade nappa leather with wipe effect( character of antique). It is easy to clean because of its imprinting and finish.

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Old Times Bordeaux
Old Times Braun
Old Times Dunkelbraun
Old Times Grün
Old Times Naturbraun
Old Times Rotbraun

The colours depicted on your screen may differ from the real colours.

Article information

Use: Furniture of English style, rustic period furniture, restoration of old, precious chairs
Colours: 6 colours ex stock
Thickness: 1,1/1,3 mm
Minimum order quantity for production in accordance to customers’ colours: 250,00 sq.m. per colour
Delivery: ex warehouse in Bodenwerder, Germany
Minimum order quantity: 1/2 hide
Square footage: Approx. 5,00 - 5,50 sq.m. per hide, whole hides
Raw material: Only Southern German bullhides
Tanning: Mineral tanning
Sonderausrüstungen: OLD TIMES meets the fire protection standard IMO-Resolution MSC.307(88)

Technical data

Test methodNominal valueReal value
Colour fastness to rubbingDIN EN ISO 11640
500 tours dry> 4> 4
250 tours wet> 3-4> 3-4
80 tours perspiration pH9> 3-4> 3-4
Colour fastness to lightDIN EN ISO 105-B02> 5> 5
Tear strength (N/mm)DIN EN ISO 3377-1> 20N> 20N
Finish adhesion (N/cm)DIN EN ISO 11644> 2N/10cm> 2N/10cm
Flexing endurance (50.000 bucklings)DIN EN ISO 5402no cracks
Burning rate (mm/min)DIN 75200< 100
Fire protection standardDIN EN ISO 1021 part 1+2i.O.

Date: 09/09/2017

Quality test certificate in accordance to DGM guidelines 2016.

Please note that this test certificate does not relieve the customer of his obligation to inspect incoming goods and may claim of third parties to whom it is passed. It is not s property assurance in legal sense.

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