Blattwerk IV


Blattwerk IV Ebenholz
Blattwerk IV Kastanie
Blattwerk IV Mahagony
Blattwerk IV Mooreiche

The colours depicted on your screen may differ from the real colours.

Article information

Colours: 4 colours ex stock
Thickness: 2,4+ mm

Technical data

Test methodNominal valueReal value
Colour Fastnes to rubbing (Graumaßstab Stufe 1-5)DIN EN ISO 11640
50 Tours dry>= 3
20 Tours wet>= 3
20 Tours pH 8 / perspiration>= 3
Colour fastness to lightDIN EN ISO 105-B02>= 3
Tear strength (N/mm)EN ISO 3377-1/2>= 20

Date: 10/24/2012

Tested after the standards of Quality Policy VDL, issue 01/1990.

We point out that this specification sheet does not substitute the customer’s quality control and obligation to inspect the delivered goods. These values are not a warranty in legal sense.

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