Anilina Top

ANILINA TOP is a leather of absolutely high quality and made of the best bull hides from Southern Germany. It is an aniline leather which is beautifully soft, full breathable and has a delicately wax finish. ANILINA TOP is excellently suited for extensive cubic models for the high quality sector, because just the best assortments are used for. It has a completely natural grain of tumble and it will be manufactured from head till the tail normally. ANILINA TOP is an article for leather fanciers and specialists.

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Anilina Top Chocolate
Anilina Top Darkbrown
Anilina Top Ferrero
Anilina Top Gravel
Anilina Top Ivory
Anilina Top Java
Anilina Top Marine
Anilina Top Melange
Anilina Top Saddle
Anilina Top Schiefer
Anilina Top Schwarz
Anilina Top Scotch
Anilina Top Seashell
Anilina Top Teak
Anilina Top Tobacco

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Article information

Use: Upholstery, leather goods
Colours: 15 colours ex stock
Thickness: 2,0/2,2 mm
Minimum order quantity for production in accordance to customers’ colours: 150,00 sq.m. per colour
Delivery: ex warehouse in Bodenwerder, Germany
Minimum order quantity: 1/1 hide
Square footage: Approx. 5,00 - 5,50 sq.m. per hide, whole hides
Raw material: Best southern German bull hides
Tanning: Mineral tanning

Technical data

Test methodNominal valueReal value
Colour Fastnes to rubbing (Graumaßstab Stufe 1-5)DIN EN ISO 11640
50 Tours dry> 35
20 Tours wet> 34
20 Tours sweat pH 9> 34
Colour fastness to light (WBS-Stufe)DIN EN ISO 105-B02> 3> 4
Tear strength (N/mm)DIN 53329> 2051
Yellowing white leathers72 h bei 50ºC (Stufe)No yellowing

Date: 10/15/2009

Prüfung nach Güterichtlinie VDL 01/90

We point out that this specification sheet does not substitute the customer’s quality control and obligation to inspect the delivered goods. These values are not a warranty in legal sense.

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